What does it mean to do charitable work?

What does it mean to do charitable work?

The concept of charitable work

Is every effort and activity carried out by individuals, either individually or through groups for noble humanitarian goals beneficial to the people and society and provide various assistance to them such as food, medicine, clothing and money,

The aim of this work is to realize the concept of solidarity and social cooperation and to promote society for the better without any material cost. Our sincere religion urged us to help the needy, the poor and the poor, and the importance of eradicating poverty and ignorance,

This article will explain what charitable work is and its importance in society.

The importance of charitable work

Develop a sense of responsibility among the individuals involved

Direct the energies of young people towards doing good not deviation

Creating constructive youth groups capable of building and developing society.

Reducing the problem of poverty.

Reach out to everyone who needs it.

Promoting and developing education.

Encourages communities to contribute to local and international charitable projects.

Spreading a culture of philanthropy among people.

Achieving the concept of religious cooperation; Almighty said: (And cooperate on righteousness and piety). Al-Maeda 2

Ways to contribute to charitable work

Helping countries affected by war.

Supporting and promoting education for the better; creating a team of volunteer teachers to give additional classes to students, teaching them to read and write for the basic stages, and conducting free courses and workshops for university students.

Providing free medicines for poor patients.

Raising funds for the role of orphans and the elderly.

Providing scholarships for students in need.

Help countries that have been hit by earthquakes and natural disasters. Building residential neighborhoods for the poor, or reconstructing poor neighborhoods.

Contribution to donation to hospitals.

Participate in cleaning the streets and beaches.

Volunteering in giving free lectures and awareness in schools, universities and associations is entitled What charity work.

Cleaning of public places and gardens.

Plant trees on the sidewalks.

Visit the homes of the elderly and give them some gifts.

To donate toys and old clothes to needy children, bringing joy and pleasure to their hearts. Advantages of volunteer work

Reduce stress due to stress of life.

Create new relationships and friendships.

Communicate with different groups in the community.

Acquire new skills and experiences.

Feel your presence and your importance in society.

The smile of others is reflected on your face, which makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Rejoice God and get reward and great reward.

Reasons for low participation in charity

The lack of knowledge of individuals has a great impact on the individual and society It is the duty of charities to carry out a propaganda campaign on the sites of communication shows its importance and encourages people to join in charity campaigns.

People are preoccupied with their own affairs and not given time for charity.

The existence of some problems in charities is an obstacle to the participation of individuals.

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