The project of the endowment

The project of the endowment

Waqf Project:

Is a building consisting of two projects:

First: furnished apartments for daily rent

Second: Administrative offices and classrooms in addition to the basement which will be the seat of the Women’s Committee, and will benefit from the surface to be a hall to hold lectures and advocacy programs for the new Muslim.

It is located on the southern ring and will pay rent on various office activities.

Waqf objectives:

* Reviving the Waqf year.

* Provide a stable financial resource for the projects of the Office to achieve stability and continuity as well as permanent headquarters.

* Easy access of communities and collaborators to the Office and to benefit from the services and activities provided in it.

Components of Waqf:

* Commercial and administrative building consisting of two phases in the first phase and Badrum.

* Total building area: 1586.82 square meters.

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