Building a high school

Building a high school

Project Description

This project is a three-class school building, which will consist of: – * Classroom number 03 B 64 m 2 for one * Bathrooms 06 B 34 m 2 * Management 01 B 14 m 2

Project goals

* Provide the appropriate environment for continuing the basic education process to build a generation capable of participating in the building of society. * Improve the level of education and contribute to improving its quality * Contribute to reduce the density of grade in the targeted areas.

The project justification

The acute shortage of schools in areas targeted by the Society * The infrastructure in many educational facilities is inadequate. * Lack of resources in the Ministry of Education to provide the need. High grade density in target areas. * The large needs of the education sector.

the expected results

* Establishment of model schools in areas most in need. * Facilitate access of more students to educational facilities.

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