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Definition of Vicdan Society

Vicdan is a non-profit non-governmental humanitarian organization established & registered in Turkey in early 2019 under the Association and Endowments Management Act of Turkey.

Vicdan works to fund and support charitable and developmental projects in war and crisis areas.

The Association also supports several projects and campaigns throughout the year, especially in the month of Ramadan, in the areas of Gaza, Jerusalem, West bank and the refugee camps to provide assistance to those affected by the war and suffered from its woes.

Vicdan Vision

To be one of the leading associations in charitable work in the Turkish arena, and in the squares that aim to work.

Vicdan Message

Contribute to alleviate humanitarian crises experienced and reduce the physical, social and psychological impact on those affected.

Vicdan Goals

  • To promote charity and charity among brothers in the homeland and humanity.

  • To contribute to securing, financing and establishing development projects characterized by economic continuity in the education and health sectors in the countries in which we operate

  • Support individuals affected by wars, disasters and crises in the Arab and Islamic nation

  • To develop the capacities of men and women through education, training and job creation


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